Smart Room Thermostats ThermoB RF1D.WiFi Wireless, Internet

Smart Room Thermostats ThermoB RF1D.WiFi Wireless, Internet

- - - model: THERMOB.RF1D.WiFi - - -
- - - model units: ThermoB.R1 D+ ThermoB.B1R1.WiFi - - -
- - - model: THERMOB.RF1D2.WiFi - - -
- - - model units: ThermoB.R1 D+ ThermoB.BU2.WiFi - - -

  Room Module
Remote receiver
Remote receiver
Wireless radio link YES YES YES
Power supply 2xAAA batteries 230V/50Hz/<2VA 230V/50Hz/<2VA
System type - 2 pipe system
(heat or cool)
4 pipe system
(heat + cool)
Relay output - YES 1 x, NO+NC (SPDT)  with switchover between heat and cool YES 2 x NO (SPST) one for heat and one for cool mode
 Buttons  4 + 1 hidden 1 + 1 hidden   1 + 1 hidden 
 Display  LCD with back light 3x LEDs  5x LEDs
Connection to Internet (via WiFi ) link is made via receiver's module YES YES
Manual operation of output YES, alternatively On / Off YES, alternatively Heat-ON/OFF
Cool - ON/OFF
Real time clock YES YES YES
Indicator for active output YES YES YES
Indicator for radio link YES YES YES
Indicator for active Connection to Internet YES YES YES
Low battery indicator YES - -
Setup of all settings YES YES, via internet YES, via internet
MODES of operation
Frost protection YES with selectable temperature
Modes of use BASIC / ADVANCED (selectable via parameters)
Weekly schedule NO YES 
Temperature setpoints 1 Comfort temperature (COMF) 2, Economical (ECO) and comfort (COMF) temperatures 
User interface Simple Fully programable 
Operational modes OFF / COMF
with/without frost protection
OFF / ECON / COMF / AUTO / MAN with/without frost protection 
Manual temperature override NO YES with selectable duration 
Heating mode YES YES 
Cooling mode YES YES 
Heat/Cool selection The mode is locked via parameters Yes, the mode can be freely selected or locked via parameters 
Lock of mode Heating or Cooling only YES YES 
Lock of parameters access YES YES 
Child lock NO YES 
Internet link YES YES 
Mobile App YES  , also web browser access
Automatic time set YES, via Internet with selectable time zone  
Initial configuration BASIC mode and heating  
Internet cloud service 100% in EU   
 13 parameters for tuning


Wireless room thermostats Thermob.RF1D.WiFi and Thermob.RF1D2.WiFi are systems for temperature control which consists of two modules: a room module ThermoB.R1D and a remote receiver ThermoB.B1R1.WiFi or ThermoB.BU2.WiFi.
The difference between the remote receivers ThermoB.B1R1.WiFi and ThermoB.BU2.WiFi is in the number of output relays and use.
  • ThermoB.B1R1.WiFi has one relay output with NO/NC contact and is suitable for connection to 2 pipe systems (boilers, stoves, etc.) with one control input and alternative heating On/OFF or cooling On/OFF control, switchover mode is also acceptable.
  • ThermoB.BU2.WiFi has two separate relay outputs with N.O contacts and is suitable for connection to 4 pipe systems (radiators, convectors, etc.) with two separate control inputs, one for heating and one for cooling

Can be used as a standard residential thermostat to control heating/cooling through gas, electric, pellet, etc. systems without the need for a wired connection between the controlled device and the controlled room. The connection between the two modules is wireless via a radio (RF) signal.

The device provides the ability to regulate the temperature of the room both autonomously and remotely (via the Internet) by Mobile App or web browser. Depending on the set temperatures and operating modes, the output for controlling the controlled device is also controlled.

The room module ThermoB.R1D has a built-in sensor for measuring room temperature, an LCD display with back light, four control buttons and a radio transmitter. It is housed in a plastic box with a stylish design and can be hang on a wall or placed on flat surface in the room. Powered by 2 x AAA batteries.

The remote receiver
  • ThermoB.B1R1.WiFi has single relay output, three light indicators, a button, a radio receiver and a WiFi connection module. The relay output is used to control the call for heating or cooling.
  • ThermoB.BU2.WiFi has two separate relay outputs, five light indicators, a button, a radio receiver and a WiFi connection module. Relay outputs are used to control separately the call for heating and call for cooling.
  • Indicators show output status, selected mode and Internet connection status. The button is used to select the operating mode and/or manual state of the output. The relay output is wired to the controlled unit. Powered by 230V/AC. Additionally, there is a hidden button to manage WiFi connectivity.

  • Wireless radio connection between the room module and the receiver module
  • Remote control, monitoring and set over the Internet through connection to a home WiFi network and a mobile application or web browser.
  • Monitoring / setting and synchronization of all settings, both locally from the room module and via the Internet
  • Automatic adjust of current day and time via the Internet with time zone.
  • LCD screen and four control buttons and back light.
  • Power supply of the room module 2xAAA battery
  • Ease of use
  • Stylish design
  • Radio link indicators on both transmitter and receiver
  • Additional service configuration parameters
  • Module lock, 2 types of room module ock (child protection and hotel type with pin)
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Activation of frost protection with selectable temperature
  • Easily selectable heating / cooling mode
Two operating modes:
  • BASIC: simplified operating mode for operation at one set temperature, fixed heating or cooling mode with Internet control
  •  ADVANCED: fully functional and programmable mode with two temperature set points, time schedule, etc.
Operating states:
  • Off (with or without frost protection*)                                      –  [OFF]
  • Temperature set point for economical operation (no occupancy) –  [ECO]
  • Temperature set point for comfortable temperature (occupancy) – [COMF]
  • Automatic (as per temperature – time schedule)                       – [AUTO]
  • Manually temperature set point override for a certain time         – [MAN]

Receiver ThermoB.B1R1.WiFi:
  • Output: voltage free relay 16A
  • Internet connection via WiFi
  • Manual output switch ON/OFF button
Receiver ThermoB.BU2.WiFi:
  • Outputs: 2x voltage free relays 5A
  • Internet connection via WiFi
  • Manual outputs switch On/OFF button

Note: Period for full synchronization of all settings about 10-15 min.