„DTSF3+”   Temperature Controller For Solar Thermal And Heating Application

„DTSF3+” Temperature Controller For Solar Thermal And Heating Application


The unit is a programmable digital temperature controller for solar thermal and heating palnts. It manages the interaction between the solar collector, hot water tank, storage tank, boiler, pumps, valves and electric heater. The unitt helps to improve thermal comfort by combining high efficiency with autonomy of the system. The joint functional work of differential temperature, built-in clock and a flexible treshold temperatures further helps to increase energy savings. Incorporates eight functional diagrams which cover vast range of prooved by practice application. The application of the device extends from thermo-syphonic solar water heaters to more complex solar systems with a combination of hot water tank and storage tank, boiler and heating. It also can control one HF pump with PWM input.


  • Supplies directly power for electrical heater (up to3kW) and two circulation pumps / trace heater or directional valve.
  • Reads three temperatures.
  • Build in conductivity sensor - terminals 3 and 4 – (TS3 not used) for water level monitor and filling
  • Fully programmable by 29 parameters
  • ast and direct selection of heater operation mode by separate button among „Auto” /On./ Off./Vacancy
  • Build in real time clock with programmable time zone for additional electric heater activation.
  • Relay outputs 3 (separate) for:
          - R1 n.o. SPST, supplies phase for pump/trace heating (HFпомпа)
          - R2 n.o./n.c SPDT, voltage free contact for electric heater
          - R3 n.o./n.c SPDT, supplies phase for pump/direction valves
  • Backup power supply for real time clock
  • Alphanumeric LCD display 8х2 rows.
  • Navigation – 3 push buttons. One button for elecric heater activation
  • Statistics (solar energy accumulated, alarm events)
  • Diagnostic information for sensor failure.
  • A set of functional means for independant action at

Functional diagrams, schemes, sensors and outputs arramgement:

1. Scheme 0 – Thermosyphonic panel with integrated tank and trace heating

2. Scheme 1- Thermosyphonic panel with integrated tank and re-circulation;

3. Scheme 2- Solar panel with one storage tank and electric heater (standard)

4. Scheme 2а - Solar panel with two storage tanks – Ta-with electric heater, Tb-with solar heating

5. Scheme 3 - Solar panel with two storage tanks – main and suplimentary with priority

6. Scheme 3а - Solar panel with one tank with two solar coils and electric heater

7. Scheme 4 - Solar panel with one tank with two coils, electric heater and suplimentary heater

8. Scheme 5 - Solar panel with one tank with two coils, suplimentary heater and heating pump

9. Scheme 6 – Solar/supplementary heater with two tanks and two pumps, no priority

10. Scheme 7 – Unpreasurized solar panel (open to air system) with el. heater and refill function

Power supply: 230V±10% /50Hz. ≤ 2VА
Environment: -5T45, RH80%
Storage and transportation-20/+60 º C
Sensors: durability 200 ºC
Measurment and display: -40ºC÷150 ºC;
Accuracy ±1ºC in range (-5ºC ÷ +100 ºC);
±4ºC not in range
Real time clock autonomy up to 2h

Instalation on DIN rail 35mm; to be incorporated
Overall dimentions 68x85x58 mm.
Protection casing IP20
-Relay R1(SPST)- 230V - 5A or 180W/AC3 (motor)
-Relay R2(SPDT-40A)- 230V -16А(3kW) or 1.5KW/AC3 (motor)
-Relay R3(SPDT)- 230V - 5A or 180W/AC3 (motor)

Technical sheet DTSF3