Wiring center, wired, 230V, - 7 circuits, 2 outputs, model FHB7R2

Wiring center, wired, 230V, - 7 circuits, 2 outputs, model FHB7R2


This wiring center is intelligent module which connects up to 7 room thermostats to individual circuit valves controlling heating/cooling circuits.

Controls also two relay outputs (circulation pump „PUMP”) for the circuits and auxiliary output „AUX” usually used for central heating/cooling demand. This relay outputs are related to room temperature state.

Wiring Diagram:

Wiring center FHB7R2

Additional functionality:

This wiring center monitors and connects up to 7 wired room thermostats controlling heating/cooling circuit or underfloor heating to each individual valve.

If at least one circuit is active, output 1  „PUMP“ and output 2 „AUX” (boiler) are activated.

If all circuits are inactive the „PUMP“ and „AUX” outputs are de-activated.

Individual delay of activation and de-activation of both outputs is available.

Lock protection of PUMP is available.

Provides additional wiring option for external timer / chrono device to each room thermostat.

Can be individually configured by micro switch with 4 options


Anti Lock of PUMP. Cyclic activation:

During a prolong inactivation of PUMP for longer period than 7 days this wiring center can activate it for 1 minute on each 7 days to prevent pump lock..

- switch N3=OFF   - anti lock is de-activated
- switch N3= ON   - anti lock is activated on each 7 days

Output delay:

„AUX“ switch delay can be applied in numerous settings of 0, 5, 10, 15 minutes. This delay is applied for both command activation and de-activation of output :

- switch N1=OFF и N2 =OFF , AUX delay is minimal (0 minutes).

- switch N1=OFF и N2 = ON , AUX delay is set to 5 minutes.

- switch N1= ON и N2 = OFF , AUX delay is set to 10 minutes.

- switch N1= ОN и N2 = ON ,  AUX delay is set to 15 minutes.

„PUMP“ delay is applied after transition from OFF to ON and can be set to 0 or 3 minutes.  Delay from ON to OFF is not implemented and is always minimal :

- switch N4=OFF , PUMP ON delay is minimal.

- switch N4= ON , PUMP ON delay is set to 3 minutes.

- PUMP switch off is always within 30 sec after last circuit is de-activated. 


1. Hydraulic lock open of individual valve                : pump is switch off after all circuits are off
2. Pump overheat and lower energy consumption    : pump is switch off after all circuits are off
3. Pump lock                                                        : Automatic activation each 7 deays


Power supply: 230V±10% /50Hz. ≤ 3VА
Installation Din rail mount 35mm, to be build in
Consumption: VA + 0.75VA of each open circuit; Max 6VA
Environment: -25T45, RH80% Storage and transport: -25/+80 º C
Dimensions: 90x200х50 mm Protection class: IP00
Indication: light, for each circuit for each relay
Output1 : AUX : voltage free N.O. 5A up to 180W/AC Output2 : PUMP : voltage free N.O./N.C 5A up to 180W/AC
Integrated fuse 4A Screw less terminals for quick connection