Room thermostat with WiFi, wired, wall mount, ThermoB.FC10.W

Room thermostat with WiFi, wired, wall mount, ThermoB.FC10.W

- - - model: THERMOB.FC10.WiFi - - -
Wall or flush mount. Installation on standard wall box D65

Price: Thermob.FC10.WiFi: xxx

This room thermostat is suitable for the following appliances:
- Boiler/stove, heat pump, other unit
- A circuit of heating or coling system
- underfloor heating

* Made in Bulgaria !

-->> Инструкция за есплоатация ThermoB.FC10.W в PDF -- <<

-->> Инструкция за свързване на устройства ThermoB към WiFi /Интернет --<<

- 1x Relay output, voltage free
- 5А max/230V AC
- Power supply 170-230VAC 
- Zones 1
- build in room temperature sensor
- Heating / Cooling modes - Auxiliary temperature sensor with operational range (optional)
Week schedule Hysteresis (programmable) 0.5°C - 3.0°C
Anti frost function LCD display with 4 buttons
Measurement range
-10° .. +45° / 0.5°C
Temperature set point range
+15°C .. +45°C / 0.5°C
Manual mode Real time clock - set by Internet
WiFi control: model marked with „W”
Setup and monitor of temperature, modes, operational state via Internet


Other characteristics:
Dimensions of front panel 90х90х17mm  Dimensions of insert
Protection class IP20  Operational conditions, -5T45, RH80%
Instalation:   60 mm ±3 and 80mm ±1

Wiring diagram:
Voltage free operation:
Wiring diagram ThermoB.FC10
Voltage controlled operation:
ThermoB.FC10 wiring diagram voltage controll

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